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Gully Boy movie review

Ranveer Singh’s new movie

Gully Boy movie review is amazing.Ranveer Singh’s new movie and Alia Bhatt’s new movie is a story about a common poverty stricken youth who rises above barriers of caste and creed to realise and fulfill his love for rap.Ranveer Singh  turns out to be a rapper in the lanes of the city Of Mumbai.As rightly said apna time ayega so time has come for all loved ones to to celebrate this valentines eve by congratulatory tickets to Ranveer Singh’s new film on purchase of  our goods.  Extraordinary performances of Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt and great direction by Zoya Akhtar makes Alia Bhatt’s latest movie a must watch.

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Alia Bhatt’s new movie is a real story of love and passion for something which can make you go to any extent to achieve it and also about the struggles faced by ordinary people in realising their dreams. This Alia Bhatt’s new movie is about a very different and a new subject. This  Alia Bhatt’s latest movie is a real story from the real rappers who made it. Gully Boy movie review is good and this Ranveer singh’s new film is well praised by critics and audiences and is a complete entertainment with good music.


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